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Dear Friends in Shotokan –
Join us in 2014, from August 6 to 10 – back in Carlsbad, CA – for 4 nights
and 5 days of the Best Shotokan Karate Training – Anywhere!

FOR INSTRUCTORS – 4-days of the AJKA-I’s internationally accredited Instructor
training Program. All instructors may attend sessions.

FOR COMPETITORS – 3-days of youth and senior competition training AND an
expanded international Shobu-Ippon & Shotokan Kata Championship
FOR KIDS – A 4-day “Karate Kids” mini-camp.

FOR ALL CAMP PARTICIPANTS – 5 separate training areas; specific Dan and
Kyu rank training; and Specific Self-Defense and Kata Bunkai Training.


Leading this year’s camp will be the following AJKA-I instructors:

• Leslie Safar, 9th dan – AJKA-I Technical Director and Chief Instructor, Europe
• Edmond Otis, 8th dan – AJKA-I Chairman and North America Chief Instructor
• Lazlo Csakvari, 7th dan – AJKA-I/EU National Coach
• Avi Azoulay, 7th dan – AJKA National Technical Committee
• Rob DeAngelis, 7th dan – AJKA National Technical Committee
• Kevin Warner, 7th dan – AJKA National Technical Committee
• Robert Myles, 6th Dan – AJKA National Technical Committee
• Nathan Scarano, 6th dan – AJKA National US Coach

Joining us are the following senior Shotokan guest instructors:

• James Yabe, 8th dan – ASKA Technical Director
• John Hanratty, 8th dan – Chair AJKA North America Tech Committee | CSKA
Chief Instructor | WSKA Vice-president

We’re especially happy to be back to Camp Shotokan’s beautiful home – the totally remodeled Carlsbad Army-Navy Academy! It was great before – it’s amazing now! Yes! It’s still right across the road from the Pacific and two Blocks from town!
Please read below for camp logistics and information. Also, feel free to contact me directly at 760-612-7029 or e.otis@americanJKA.com for further information.

Yours in Shotokan –


Edmond Otis


AJKA Interntional - Camp Shotokan

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