America’s Cup & the Dojo Team

We are very proud of our Team accomplishments in the arena. most recently they took part in our annual America’s Cup Championship.


Kata Kumite
Azoulay Ari Participation Award  Participation Award
Azoulay Daniella 1st 1st
Azoulay Hannah 2nd JKA 2nd JKA
Bouchard Claire 2nd JKA 2nd JKA WKF 3rd Kata Team Kumite Gold
Campanelli Nicholas 1st 1st
Dolan Gillian 3rd
Feder Noah 3rd 3rd
Kelkar Kiran 3rd JKA 3rd Team
Wolff Eric 1st 2nd JKA 2nd JKA Kata
Reisiger Gregg 1st 2nd
Rodriguez Anthony 3rd 2nd

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