Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Program

We are happy to announce a new program at our school. Cristian Buitron, an avid competitor who has won gold, silver or bronze medals in some of the biggest IBJJF (International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation) tournaments in the world, such as Pan Americans, Rio Open, NY Open, and Boston Open.

Classes will cover self defense, Gi & No gi techniques, and Mixed Martial Arts applications.

The class schedule is below. Your first session is free and can be scheduled by sending an email using the form to the right, or calling us at (516) 364-6610.

Date & TimeSunday September 23, 2018
Referee Meeting 8:30am / Opening Ceremony @ 9:00am
Pre-registrationOnline Registration
Registration closes Friday 9/21/18 @ 11:59 pm- No registration @ the door!
LocationElmcor Athletic Center
107-20 Northern Blvd., Corona, Queens NY 11368
Entry Fee1 or 2 Individual Events =$65.00; Team Kata=$30.00; Team Kumite = $30.00
Spectator fees: Adults = $10.00, Children = $5.00, Toddlers = Free
Competitor CANNOT compete in more than ONE Individual category!
Awards1st, 2nd & 3rd place will receive medals in all divisions.
America’s Cup Team Kata/Kumite Champions will receive a trophy award
Competitors Dress CodeTraditional white gi, no jewelry in competition, trimmed nails are required
Referee Dress CodeWhite shirt, blue tie, navy blue jacket, gray slacks, black shoes
KataContestants must perform SHOTOKAN Kata ONLY!
Beginners (0-1 year of training;7th kyu or below) - Heian Nidan or below.
May repeat Kata.
Novice (1-2 years of training; 6th to 4th kyu) - Heian Godan or below.
May repeat Kata.
Intermediate (3-4 years of training; 3rd to 1st kyu) - Bassai-Dai; Jion; Empi; Kanku-
dai. May repeat Kata.
Advanced (4 years or more of training; Shodan and above) can perform any
Shotokan Kata. MUST perform a different Kata in the final round.
18-34 Advanced – See separate Kata Competition rules.
Flag system will be used for all belt level.
Team KataTeam Kata will be divided by Age category only, Regardless of rank.
Team may perform any Shotokan Kata.
Point system will be utilized for this event.
18-34 Advance KataFirst Round (until 16 left) – Shitei Kata Group – Judge’s choice. Flag System.
Second Round (until 4 left) – Sentei Kata Group – Judge’s Choice. Flag System.
Final Round (Last 4 competitors) – Tokui Kata Group – Competitor’s choice.
Point system. MUST be different from 2nd round kata.
Shobu Sanbon/Ippon
Modified WSKA rules: light head contact is permitted (Adult black belts only)
Uncontrolled techniques will result in penalty or disqualification
Children/Teens divisions will run 1 minute stop time, Sanbon Shobu.
18-34 black belt kumite will run 2 minutes, stop time.
All preliminary matches Shobu Ippon. Final match Shobu Sanbon (3 minutes).
All other divisions matches will run 1 1⁄2 minutes, stop time.
Team KumiteTeam Kumite – 3-member teams, ages 18 and Over, regardless of rank. Team must be all female or all male – not a mix.
Matches will be 2 minutes long, stop time, utilizing Shobu Ippon scoring.
EquipmentMandatory protective equipment: Hand gloves, Mouth guard, protective cup (male), chest protector (female). Safety glasses with restraining band will be allowed for sparring. Head gear and Shin-instep guard allowed in 17 & under divisions only. Competitor MUST have their own equipment.
CoachingCoaching will be allowed in Kumite ONLY.
Dojo/Club track suit and Coaches Pass is MANDATORY.
NoteIn the spirit of karate-do, proper conduct is required from competitors and instructors alike, or else suspension will result from all future AJKA-I/NYKEC events.

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