The mission of the AJKA-I Karate Association is two-fold:

First, the perfection of traditional Japanese Shotokan technique through attention to detail. For only by perfecting the details can we realize the full potential of our art and ourselves.

Second, to instruct practitioners in a way that makes Karate relevant to the real world. For Karate is more than just one of the most complete systems of self-defense. It is a way of transforming everything we do inside and outside of the Dojo.

  “We must remember that our members are interested in karate’s relevance to their lives in the real world – not the karate world. They want to study with enthusiastic, well trained instructors who are able to bring out the best in them as individuals. They want to team an effective and serious form of self-defense that is also a demanding and exacting traditional art. Finally, those who compete want to be exposed to fair, intense and challenging competition.Membership information here.


Avi Azoulay, 8th Dan AJKA International Chairman

Address & Phone Number
180 Michael Drive, Suite 104
Syosset, NY 11791
Phone: (516) 260-3324