The Competition Team is designed for students who want to elevate their karate skills to a different level and arena.

The  team meet twice a week – Wednesday at 6:30 and Saturday at 1 pm for a Team Class, in addition to the regular karate training. The training with the team is mandatory for all members, as we learn various aspects of competition.

  1. In these sessions we teach the athletes the competition rules, in regard to all the different karate organizations. We emphasize good sportsmanship, and respect toward the other competitors and the judges. Referees use hand signals to score and/or penalize athletes, our competitors will learn these signals and respond accordingly.
  2. Kata – we teach and practice Kata which are specific to competition, analyze the many different aspects to guide you to good, strong and sharp Kata. In Kata the elements that will get a high score/evaluation may be different from regular Kata training, and needs to be addressed. Focus, balance, breathing and emphasize of the Kata will be taught. These require training, and a more personalized attention.
  3. Kumite – different organizations have different rules and scoring for sparring. They all promote safety for the athletes, based on age and level. We teach the members the various rules, the scoring possibilities and penalties. We teach and practice effective scoring techniques, combinations and counter-attacks

It is necessary for the student to attend regular classes, as well as team classes, and is expected to work hard.

Judging by the success of our team in various competitions (local, national and international), our high expectations have yielded extremely high results. We produce champions, through hard work and dedication.

Address & Phone Number
180 Michael Drive, Suite 104
Syosset, NY 11791
Phone: (516) 260-3324