2014 AJKA Winter Symposium

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Dear Friends of Shotokan –

Join us January 24-‐26, 2014 for

3 days of the Best Shotokan Karate Training -‐ Anywhere!

For Competitors – we will be offering youth and senior competition training. Also,

selections for AJKA of PA Competition Team to attend New York’s International Karate-

Do Championship on March 2nd 2014.

For Kids – Fun and exciting class, with confidence and character building exercises.

For all level karate-‐ka – 3 separate training areas; specific Dan and Kyu rank training;

and Specific Self-‐Defense and Kata Bunkai Training.

Leading Camp Shotokan East will be the following AJKA-‐I Instructors:

-‐ Edmond Otis, 8th dan – AJKA-‐I Chairman & North American Chief Instructor, NZ

-‐ Sal Lopresti, 7th dan – AJKA-‐I Sewell, NJ

-‐ Avi Azoulay, 7th dan – AJKA-‐I National Technical Committee, NY

-‐ Rob DeAngelis, 7th dan – AJKA-‐I National Technical Committee, PA

-‐ Kevin Warner, 7th dan – AJKA-‐I National Technical Committee, CA

-‐ Morris Lawerance , 6th dan – Ann Arbor Karate Club, MI


As a group we are dedicated to providing an intense, challenging, and enjoyable

weekend of world-‐class training and study.

Please read below for Camp logistics and information. Also feel free to contact me

directly at 215-‐794-‐3494 or rdeangelis@AmericanJKA-PA.com for further information.


Yours in Budo,


Rob DeAngelis

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